Teddington KBB 65 Degree Remote Fire Valve, 1.5m Part No: FV6515, KBB/C/65 1.5M

The KBB 65 Degree Remote Fire Valve, 9m, is the fail-safe protection for domestic and commercial oil-burners.

The original and the best-selling fire valve for oil fired appliances is now fully compatible with the new Bio Fuels, both B30 and B50, as well as the traditional Kerosene (for all oils that that meet the EN14214 standard).

Although Oftec requires that all new installations of oil-burners include a KBB for safety, installations older than 10 years may be missing this important component.

Several things can cause an oil-fired boiler to overheat, for example, if the thermostat fails. This has the potential to cause a fire.

In the event of overheating, for whatever reason, the KBB shuts off the supply of oil to the appliance, thus preventing the danger of a runaway fire.

The KBB has been the industry-standard quality fire-valve for over 40 years.

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Part Number
FV6515, KBB/C/65 1.5M