Riello RDB4.2 Burners

The Riello RDB 4.2 is a high output burner

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Riello RDB 4.2 Burner
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Riello RDB 4.2 Burner
£473.28 £394.40 exc VAT

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Riello RDB 4.2 Burner
£473.28 £394.40 exc VAT

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The Riello RDB4.2 Burners are developed with reducing noise, and with ease of installation at the forethought of its design.

In developing Riello RDB 4.2 burners, special attention was paid to reducing noise, to the ease of installation. Riello burners are distinguished by their small size in relation to their output.

Riello RDB 4.2 burners are renowned for their reliability, but if an issue arises, spare parts are inexpensive and widely available.

RDB 4.2 Burners Manufactured By Riello

Riello has a long history of designing top quality burners which are trusted by many of the top boiler manufacturers.

With over 80 years of experience in design and manufacture, coupled with leading technology and flexible burner design, Riello is the No.1 choice in the UK and Ireland.

Manufacturing reliable burners, with inexpensive and widely available parts. OFTEC engineers will have great familiarity with Riello RDB 4.2 burners, therefore servicing them is not an issue.

All the Riello RDB 4.2 burners are fired before leaving the factory.


Burner Output Range
58 kW / 200 BTU, 73 kW / 250 BTU

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